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Reverse Osmosis Water System - LAFOMED

$980 $1,199

This Reverse Osmosis System is designed to be plumbed into your mains water supply and under sink drain and will supply clean distilled water which is safe for use in your autoclave.

The system includes a small tap which can be fitted to your existing sink and a pressure tank to ensure uniform water pressure.  

Features and Benefits:

- Produces 6 litres of distilled water an hour

- Filters include: Sediment Filter, Pre Carbon Filter and R/O Membrane Filter

- Includes pressure tank and seperate tap for your sink

- Connect to tap

- Connect directly to your autoclave or manually fill distilled water via tap 

- Options for horizontal or wall mount

Installation Requirements:

This unit willl require access to cold tap or municipal water supply, 1x 240V power point to power the unit, a drainage connection for waste water created by the unit and sufficient under bench or cabinet space to locate the filter unit and the 4 litre pressure tank. 

For any technical installation details please refer to the supplied user manual or contact our technical team on 1300651958



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