“Our vision is to improve healthcare facilities and support healthcare professionals by delivering outstanding technical service solutions and superior products that are highly valued by our customers and their facilities.

We pride ourselves on our close knit team environment, high level of customer service, long term customer relationships, technical expertise and our commitment to providing the most value to our customers.

Our team is responsible for over 450 Operating Theatre installations across Australia and NZ. We also routinely service and maintain medical equipment in over 330 medical facilities across Australia ranging from small clinics to large hospitals.”

Here at NES Group we are truly passionate about delivering solutions that empower health professionals to continue to do what they do best improve peoples lives."

Nick Togias – Nes Group Founder / Managing Director




Introducing the "Dream Team"

Founded in 2006 by Nick Togias, Nes Group began as one man with a dream. 

Nick's vision, dedication and laser sharp focus has since transformed what was once merely a dream into a very successful reality.

Several successful years later Nes Group has developed a very competent and skilled team and which Nick had labelled "The Dream Team". The Nes Group "Dream Team" share the company vision to empower health professionals improve lives and to strive for constant and never ending improvement. 

Today Nes Group had been trusted to engage in installation of hundreds of operating theatres across Australia and New Zealand installing a multitude of different brands and equipment for public and private hospitals as well as large multinational medical companies. The vast experience, unique skills and industry knowledge of the NES Group Team has lead to many stand out industry solutions over the years including the recent development of the "Innovo" brand of fully customisable and scalable operating rooms.

Nes Group's innovative products also contribute to the company success. All products are hand selected, designed and imported from some of the world's best medical equipment manufacturers to comply with all Australian Standards, International Standards as well as the standards of the discerning Nes Group Team.