At NES Group Medical our mission is to "Empower People To Improve Healthcare"

Investing in company culture, innovation, training and technology allows us to empower our team which then provides better outcomes for our clients to enable us to improve healthcare together. 


1. EMPOWER- We empower people to improve healthcare, by empowering our clients and peers we can collectively do our part to improve healthcare.

2. GROW - Progress equals happiness. Striving for growth provides better opportunities for our team and a higher level of service for new and existing clients.

3. BE KIND - By treating others kindly we are able to share positivity to improve our customer interactions as well as make our time at work pleasurable. 

4. INNOVATE - Maximising quality, efficiency and productivity. This ensures we evolve to remain at the forefront of our industry.

5. ENJOY - We promote a workplace that is fun and enjoyable which in turn improves the lives of our team and those we interact with. 




Introducing the "Dream Team"

Founded in 2006 by Nick Togias

Nick's vision, dedication and laser sharp focus has since transformed what was once merely an idea into one a leader in the Biomedical Engineering space.

Several successful years later Nes Group has developed a very competent and skilled team which Nick has labelled "The Dream Team". The Nes Group "Dream Team" drive the company mission of empowering people to improve healthcare.

Today NES Group Medical had been trusted to engage in maintenance of thousands of medical devices and installation of hundreds of autoclaves and operating theatres across Australia and New Zealand installing a multitude of different brands of equipment for public and private hospitals as well as large multinational medical companies. 

The vast experience, unique skills and industry knowledge of the NES Group Team has lead to many stand out industry solutions over the years including the development of the "Innovo" brand of fully customisable and scalable operating rooms, Innovo Puraclav Autoclaves and Innovo Medical Lighting solutions.

The company's innovative products also contribute to the company success. All products are hand selected, designed and imported in partnership with some of the world's best medical equipment manufacturers. All products comply with Australian Standards, International Standards as well as the standards of the discerning Nes Group Team.