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NES Group Medical are dedicated to being the technical experts that you can rely upon for reliable and efficient autoclave service and repairs. 

We can service or repair your autoclave in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane on relatively short notice. We can repair autoclaves in rural locations also but may require the machine to either be sent to our facility or a specific call out to be arranged.

In some cases simple problems may be able to be solved over the phone so call us first on 1300 651 958

NES Group Medical can provide fast and cost effective autoclave repairs or autoclave refurbishment to ensure your autoclave is performing to the exact manufacturers specifications.

In the case of an autoclave fault one of the four below options will be most feasible for you based on the age of the machine, parts availability and your budget.

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The Best Autoclave Repair

All autoclaves must undergo proper maintenance and calibration in accordance with Australian standard 4815. It is a great risk to operate an autoclave that has not been verified by a professional as doing so could threaten the effectiveness of any medical procedures or scientific research that features such a device. At NES Group, we have been installing and maintaining complex medical equipment for laboratories and medical facilities for over ten years. We install some of the highest quality equipment for our clients and provide technical support for the duration of its lifespan. We provide first-rate calibration and autoclave repair services.

Do You Require Autoclave Repair?

Proper maintenance of your autoclave is dependent on the balanced approach of self-service and professional service. If you are maintaining your unit in-house, there are a few tips you can follow each day to ensure your autoclave functions smoothly:

  • Ensure that the chamber drain strainer (located in the front drain hole of the steriliser) is completely free of debris. A clogged chamber drain strainer can prevent the steriliser from sensing temperature.
  • Take care to wipe up any spills in the autoclave chamber immediately with chamber cleaning solution and accompanying cleaning pads.
  • If your autoclave is equipped with a steam generator, it may have an automatic generator blowdown valve on it. If you hear the generator getting rid of steam each day when you turn it off, then it has one of these. If it does not, you should manually drain the generator at the end of each day. This will help draw off the sediments and impurities in the water and keep the generator clean.

Our Professional Repair Service 

Manual, uncertified care of your autoclave is no replacement for professional maintenance. It is important that your autoclave undergoes thorough inspections and cleanings by a trained service provider. The frequency for this service will vary depending on your machine and its daily usage but can range anywhere from one to more than four times yearly. NES Group specialises in autoclave maintenance and our technicians have the expertise to keep your device functioning perfectly. Our comprehensive service includes lubrication of all parts and components, calibration of temperature and pressure sensors, cleaning of traps, inspection of heating elements and, where needed, replacement of worn parts. We recommend that you keep records of all services including service dates, autoclave model and serial numbers, service descriptions, who serviced the autoclave, and a signature from whoever approves the service(s). We keep track of all of our client’s service records and can contact you as your next date approaches.

Arrange The Best Autoclave Repair Today

If you are in need of the best autoclave repair service in Australia, then you need look no further. NES Group can offer you a comprehensive and professional service for an affordable price. We can perform all the necessary work at a time that suits you on site without causing disruption to your operation. If your machine requires replacement parts, then we can take the device to our workshop for repairs and return it as soon as the work is completed. Contact us online or by phone today to arrange an autoclave service.

NES Group Medical provides healthcare facilities with the best technical solutions & products available. We sell autoclaves, operating theatre lights & other medical equipment. Browse our website further for more information or contact us to learn more.

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Autoclave Servicing

In many cases having a company that carries out regular routine servicing in line with the manufacturers recommendation will prevent the majority of autoclave failures. 

If your machine is due for a regular service this can be done on site at your practice, please call us to book in your next autoclave service on 1300 651 958.

Service Call / Simple Autoclave Repair

In the case of a simple repair the process we undertake is the following:

1. Call our team on 1300 651 958 to arrange a service call to site. The technician will diagnose and fix any simple faults on site or identify and report and user errors that may have caused the problem. If the problem is simple it will be fixed onsite within 1 hour and a flat service call fee will be billed. 

2. If the problem is more serious the machine will need to be taken off site for more detailed testing and troubleshooting where a service report, recommendation and quote will be prepared for you.


Complicated Autoclave Repairs

In the case of a standard repair the process we undertake is the following:

1. Your autoclave will either need to be booked in for pick up by one of our technicians or delivered to our service facility for inspection

2. Thorough machine testing and trouble shooting will be carried out to diagnose the fault

3. A service report and repair quotation will be prepared for you and your NES Group Technician will contact you to explain the fault and discuss a solution

4. Your NES Group Technician will carry out the repair and test the machine

5. Your NES Group Technician will contact you to arrange delivery, reinstallation and validation

6. There will be 12 months parts and labour warranty on all parts replaced during the repair


Autoclave Refurbishment 

 1. Your autoclave will either need to be booked in for pick up by one of our technicians or delivered to our service facility for inspection

2. Thorough autoclave testing and parts inspection will be carried out

3. Your NES Group Technician will prepare a quote and service report detailing works required to restore your autoclave back to a reliable level of operation within the original manufacturers specifications

4. Repairs and replacement of all serviceable parts will be carried out followed by bench testing and calibration

5. Your NES Group Technician will contact you to arrange delivery, reinstallation and validation

6. There will be 12 months parts and labour warranty on all parts replaced during the refurbishment


Autoclave Trade In

A trade in quote can be prepared for a replacement machine instead of autoclave repairs.

The feasibility of this will be dependant upon the age and condition of your existing machine as well a cost to repair versus the cost of a new machine.

 For more information or for assistance with autoclave repairs or breakdowns call our team on 1300 651 958


Autoclave Service & Repair