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Need Quality Autoclave Services That You Can Trust?

Autoclaves see widespread use in dentistry, surgery, veterinarian practice, tattooing and piercing as well as in laboratory environments. By pressurising a chamber with steam an autoclave can sterilise equipment and prevent harmful pathogens from spreading. These essential machines come in an array of different sizes and can provide other functions such as the circulation of various gasses to encourage particular chemical reactions. We supply and install quality autoclaves from brands like Celitron, Lafomed and Euronda that guarantee a long lasting service lifespan. You can get accurate pricing on your new autoclave today through our website by entering some basic details about the size and the type of work you intend to use it for. Our sales team will get in touch with you directly to offer you a competitive quote. In any medical or scientific profession, sterile equipment is paramount. Surgical procedures could be compromised if the equipment is not fit for use, which could lead to infection and possible legal action. Failed experiments can be frustrating and require further time, effort and consumables to repeat. Today the autoclave is one of the relied upon pieces of machinery in medicine and scientific research due to its ability to sterilise essential equipment. At NES Group, we have been supplying and maintaining autoclaves for over a decade. We have strong ties to some of the biggest medical and scientific organisations in Australia and New Zealand who depend on us for accurate and high-performance medical equipment.

Everything You Need To Keep Your Autoclave Functioning Properly 

Given the key role that autoclaves provide in sterilising equipment for surgical practice, it is important to make sure they are functioning properly at all times. To meet the requirements of Australian standards AS4815 and AS4817 and achieve accreditation from the appropriate body such as the Australian Medical Association all sterilising equipment must be initially validated and then re-validated on a regular basis of no longer than twelve-month intervals. We keep track of the service schedule of all autoclaves that we sell and install. When you purchase a unit from us, we will contact you before your machine is due to be serviced with an offer to oversee its maintenance. Our technicians can visit your site to verify the temperature and sterilisation performance of your autoclave and provide you with a certificate of performance. In the event of an unexpected autoclave failure or equipment breakdown, we help our clients to get up and running fast by providing autoclave services & repairs or by supplying a great replacement solution.

Get Your Autoclave In Australia Today 

If you are looking for the best possible deal on an autoclave in Australia, then you can find it right here. NES Group is the only place you need to look for high-quality medical equipment at great value. Sign up to our newsletter and get advanced notice ahead of our quarterly clearance specials to get the best possible deals on brand new equipment. Contact us today for all your autoclave needs.

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