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Welcome to NES Group, the industry pioneering team that has been revolutionising medical equipment and installations from 2006. Our ingenuity, proactiveness and overall in-depth knowledge of medical devices and autoclaves is what sets us apart from competition and renders us as the leading medical device distributor and service team in Australia. Our speciality lies in sterilisation, as we have manufactured our Innovo Puraclav device that combines a plethora of industry leading parts, thus ensuring you get the most from your device when you buy autoclave Australia.


The Innovo Puraclav is designed in Australia to be a cost effective solution for all applications including Medical, Dental, Nails, Beauty, Tattoo and Veterinary practices that is TGA approved and compliant with Australian Standards. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that you BUY AUTOCLAVE AUSTRALIA with reliability and experience a hassle free service. Encompassing leading technicians, phenomenal admin staff and adroit management - NES Group have mastered the autoclave and we ensure that the Innovo Puraclav will provide you the sterilisation you require. Buy Autoclave Australia with us, today!

When you hear the phrase "Buy Autoclave Australia" your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company - the finest and utmost respected medical device and sterilising machine manufacturer - NES Group! Reliability, excellence and sophistication are the key stepping stones we have utilised over the years to ensure that our servicing, maintenance and autoclaves are second to none. With over 2000 clients and extensive experience in the industry, buy autoclave Australia today from the best!

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