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Buy Autoclave Medical Sterilizer Machines For Sale

There are many outlets that you will find on the internet claiming to offer brand medical equipment for unbeatable prices in the hopes of making a quick buck. A lot of online retailers will sell equipment but will not offer installation. Further still, they may provide machinery that does not come with any warranty or maintenance guarantee. It can be punishing to invest money in a service like this that can leave you in doubt or even without the functionality that you need. At NES Group, we have been providing excellent autoclave services for well over a decade to some of the best-known medical providers and research institutions in Australia. We have garnered ourselves a reputation for providing a quality, trustworthy service that keeps our clients returning to us time and again. If you want to buy an autoclave, you won’t find a better one elsewhere.

Are You Hoping To Buy An Autoclave Online? 

All of our autoclaves comply with the requirements of Australian standards AS5369:2023. Each one comes with a one year warranty so you can rest assured that you are buying a quality product that will not fail. Each machine comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee of a long service lifespan. With regular maintenance, that we are more than happy to provide, your device will perform brilliantly for decades without any need for repairs.

We Stock Everything That Your Practice Needs

We also stock a wide variety of excellent medical equipment for use in hospitals, veterinary, dentistry, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, beauticians and general practices. We regularly receive quote requests from professionals in other industries who require the highest grade of machinery for their particular needs. We are happy to provide a quotation for non-medical or scientific organisations and can also oversee the installation and maintenance of all products sold. Our selection of equipment, available here on our website, includes: 

  • Exam tables
  • Defibrillators
  • Operating theatre lights
  • Vaccine fridges
  • ECG machines
  • Primary care equipment
  • Medical consumables
  • Water distillers and RO systems
  • Headlights and loupes
  • X-ray viewers 

We Have An Autoclave Machine For Sale 

We can deliver directly to you anywhere in Australia and we offer free shipping on all devices in excess of two-hundred and fifty dollars. What’s more, if you need your new equipment up and running immediately then we can arrange for our field technicians to install it on-site and make sure that it is running perfectly, all without causing any disruption to your operation. Only at NES Group will you find and industry-leading autoclave machine for sale at a price that leaves the competition in the dust. Contact our client service team today by phone or through our website to get a free no-obligation quote for the device you need. We are always happy to help and will do our utmost to give you the best advice on your autoclave. We also provide autoclave maintenance and servicing to keep your machine in excellent working condition all year round. So, get in touch today and get your new equipment the right way.

NES Group Medical provides healthcare facilities with the best technical solutions & products available. We sell autoclaves, operating theatre lights & other medical equipment. Browse our website further for more information or contact us to learn more.

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Why NES Group? 

NES Group is committed to helping practices protect and improve their practices by minimising the risks associated to medical equipment and by assisting practices in reaching and maintaining compliance in relation to their medical equipment.

– We are committed to serving our customers at the highest level

– We understand the importance of your medical equipment for the day to day running of your practice

– Our company is systems driven and quality focused with a wealth of specialised knowledge

– We are able to calibrate, service and repair medical equipment to Australian Standards 3551 & RACGP Standards

– We can provide loan equipment to assist in minimising downtime if required

– We undertake calibrations and services on the customers premises as well as repairs onsite where possible

– We service all states including rural and remote areas cost effectively

– We have a 98% customer retention rate, we go over and beyond our customers expectations and provide long term value and support If you haven’t experienced our service in the past we welcome you and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Call our team on 1300 651 958


Commonly Asked Questions About Medical Equipment Calibration, Service & Repairs 

How often should we test and calibrate our equipment?

Medical equipment testing and calibration is a crucial task which is required by Australian Standards to be carried out regularly and in line with an equipment maintenance plan as well as to the manufacturers specified calibration intervals. We recommend testing annually to ensure compliance with AS3551, RACGP and AGPAL requirements.

Routine testing and calibration ensures that your medical devices are performing correctly and delivering peace of mind for patients and providers while maintaining practice accreditations. NES Group Medical qualified technicians are trained and have the required equipment to thoroughly inspect and test all medical equipment/devices in accordance with AS 3551 and specific state/territory legislative requirements in a convenient and cost effective way.


Is it expensive and are there lock in contracts?

Our aim is to make meeting your annual calibration requirements easy and affordable. We have invested heavily in the training of our staff and in the latest and most efficient test equipment to dramatically reduce the labour time required to complete your testing, by doing this we are able to reduce the costs associated to properly maintaining your equipment making it very affordable to stay compliant for even the smallest of practices.

Our customers get the options of-


No Lock In Contract Annual Service 

Testing under this arrangement is done on a year by year basis with not lock in contract, we contact you the following year when you are due. 


3 Year NEScare Service Agreement  

Most of our larger healthcare groups take advantage of group procurement service agreements, we can combine all of your practices as a group for a 3 year term benefits of this are:

– Programmed service intervals based on your requirements making maintenance of your equipment easy

– Access to our online portal

– Access to discounted NEScare rates

– Lock in todays discounted prices for the next 3 years

– Group Procurement Discounts

– Free access to loan equipment

– Same day priority service for most areas


What happens if one or more pieces of equipment fail?

If we find equipment that is out of calibration or requires attention we will either fix it on the spot if the fault is minor, usually at no charge if parts are not required. If parts are required we can provide you with a obligation free quote for repair or replacement depending upon the cost to repair and the age of the piece of equipment. We can supply loan equipment to our testing customers to ensure that there is no disruption to your practice and no issues with compliance as part of our testing and calibration service.


Is this the same as general electrical testing and tagging? 

No. Medical equipment testing is a specialised service and has different standards to basic electrical testing and tagging and needs to be function tested with specialised biomedical testing equipment to simulate and calibrate the specific piece of medical equipment. Testing of medical equipment cannot be carried out by general electrical testing and tagging companies or general electricians as this is a specialised service that requires knowledge of medical equipment and its application.


Can NES Group also test regular electrical appliances? 

Yes. NES Group can also test and tag regular electrical equipment in accordance with AS 3760 in the same visit to minimise disruption to your practice and managing of multiple testing companies and testing registers at surprisingly affordable rates even though our technicians are specialised, we offer this service at the same rate as most electricians and test and tag companies to make life easier for our customers. 


What kind of medical facilities can NES Group service and in what locations?

NES Group Medical provides routine Medical Equipment Testing and Preventative Maintenance services to a wide range of customers from large hospitals, day procedure clinics, medical centres to smaller medical practices and dentists.

NES Group Medical have a number of technicians responsible for medical equipment servicing in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane & Melbourne on an ongoing basis. 

NES Group have established travel routes to many rural and remote facilities and have the ability to offer our services in a cost effective manner by sharing travel costs across a number of practices. States we service are NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT, NT 

We have established travel routes to service rural and remote facilities as well as fly in fly out arrangements with remote mine sites, please contact our team to find out when we are in your area next.


What kind of equipment does NES Group test?

– All Types Of Medical Equipment and Surgical Devices AS-3551

– Autoclave Validation AS5369:2023

– Patient Area Testing Body and Cardiac AS 3003

– General Electrical Appliances AS-3670

– ECG Machines

– Vital Signs Monitors

– Blood Pressure Monitors

– Blood and Vaccine Fridges

– Scales and Body Composition Analysers

– Spirometers

– Pulse Oximeters

– Digital Thermometers

– Portable Suction Units

– Doppler Ultrasounds

– Nebulisers – Defibrillators

– Electrosurgical Units / Hyfrecators

– Examination Lights

– Light sources

– Operating Theatre Lights

– Medical Gas Pendants

– Medical Gas Systems

– Operating Tables and Beds

– And most other types of medical equipment

Click HERE to download our equipment quotation checklist to receive an exact quote. 

Will we be contacted before we are next due? 
When you use our services you don’t have to remember when your medical equipment/devices are next due for their test and calibration, our automated database keeps track of all the equipment, part numbers and test results and test due dates. Our friendly staff will contact you and schedule your next testing and calibration visit before your equipment is due.


Benefits of using NES Group for your testing and maintenance are –

– Extensive medical equipment knowledge

– Free loan equipment to minimise any disruption

– Up to date with all current Standards and requirements

– We ensure your testing is up to date and follow up before it is due

– 24/7 Phone and Onsite technical support

– Cost savings in downtime and breakdowns

– After hours servicing available to suit your schedule

– Cost effective packages designed to save you time and money

– Hassle free compliance


We can create a easily implemented and customised package to suit your medical equipment testing and calibration requirements.

 Call Nes Group on 1300651958 today for more information and to speak with one of our friendly staff or 

Click HERE to download our equipment quotation checklist to receive an exact quote. 

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