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Commonly Asked Questions About Autoclave Validation, Service & Repairs.

 What is Autoclave Validation?

Autoclave validation is the process of testing your autoclave to ensure that it is performing as intended by the manufacturer and in line with the Australian Standards for Sterilisation AS4815 ans AS4187. 

During the process of autoclave validation the technician will confirm the sterilisers ability to safely and reliably sterilise reusable medical and surgical instruments and make any recommendations if required.

 Our technician will provide you with a comprehensive report and calibration certificate in addition to this we also provide a recommended maintenance chart at no charge to help you in the correct maintenance of your autoclave.


Why Is Autoclave Validation So Important?

- Validation is an important annual test process to the ensure that your autoclave can safely and effectively sterilise your instruments for safe use on your patients 

- It is essential to ensure your patients are safe from the possible risk of infection or disease 

- Autoclave Validation is a mandatory annual requirement to comply with Australian Standards 4815, 4187 and Council & State Health Regulations 

- Autoclave Validation is required so that you know your autoclave is sterilising correctly as intended by the manufacturer  

- To reduce the risk of possible litigation or disrepute which can be potentially fatal or disastrous for a practice  


Why NES Group? We Make It Easy!  

NES Group is committed to providing the best service and support to our customers as we understand the importance of your Autoclave for the day to day running of your practice.

- Our company is systems driven and quality focused with a wealth of specialised knowledge

- We are able to validate, service and repair autoclaves to Australian Standard 4815 and 4187

- We can provide loan autoclaves to assist in minimising downtime if required

- We undertake validations and services on the customers premises as well as repairs onsite where possible

- We service all states including rural and remote areas cost effectively

- We have a 98% customer retention rate, we go over and beyond our customers expectations and provide long term value and support

 If you haven't experienced our service in the past we welcome you and look forward to speaking with you soon. 

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Does NES Group Service and Repair Autoclaves?

Most definitely! Our highly trained and experienced technicians can carry our routine services on your autoclave, validations and emergency repairs quickly and cost effectively. We also have loan units on hand ready to be dispatched to our clients in the case of a breakdown to minimise loss of income from the downtime associated with autoclave breakdowns. 

NES Group can work on all brands of Autoclave and are the preferred service agents for Midmark, Cominox and Lafomed. 


How Often is Autoclave Validation Required? 

Autoclave Validation is a mandatory requirement and is required normally every 12 months sometimes more frequently depending upon frequency of use any changes that may have been made to the autoclave or sterilisation cycle and calibration history. 


If I have had my Autoclave Serviced does it still need to be Validated?

Absolutely. You will definitely need to have your autoclave validated even if it has been serviced regularly. Servicing your autoclave is also a very important task but is not the same as autoclave validation.

 Autoclave validation checks to confirm that the heat, time, pressure and steam penetration of the autoclave are performing correctly and reaching the correct values and that bacteria is killed as a result. 

Autoclave servicing is completed in line with the manufacturers requirements to ensure things like filters, seals, sensors, pumps, and chamber are correctly maintained to avoid breakdowns and faults from occurring. Similar to taking your car to the mechanic for a service. Service intervals will depend upon the type of autoclave and frequency of use, some practices may require a service annually others quarterly.


Is it expensive and are there lock in contracts?

No. In fact we make it very affordable to have your autoclave correctly validated and to stay compliant even for the smallest of businesses.

 Pricing for our Autoclave Validations is very affordable, you cannot afford not to do it. 

We rely on our great service, expert knowledge and outstanding value to keep our customers retuning on their own terms.

We do offer flexible 3 to 5 year NESCare service and maintenance packages so that our customers have the option to further reduce service and maintenance costs. 


How are Autoclaves tested and calibrated for validation?

 1.  Our technicians use high pressure and high temperature data loggers to map the internal chamber pressure, heat and penetration over time at various locations inside your autoclave. It is important to also identify your chamber "cold spot". 

2.  In addition to this we conduct steam penetration and bio enzymatic tests with a challenge pack. We place sealed vials of bacterial media inside your autoclave in specific locations and run multiple test cycles, we then incubate the vials to ensure the cycle was effective and all bacteria was killed.

 3.  We plug the autoclave into our electrical safety analyser which runs through a series of electrical tests to ensure the autoclave is safe to operate.

4.  Visual examination of door locking hardware, seals, chamber, pumps and general condition of the autoclave.

5.  Issue your autoclave with a validation certificate and report.

All our processes are completed in line with manufacturers recommendations and Australian Standards and can take up to 4 hours to correctly complete. 

NES Group's service engineers are trained in the current Australian Standards AS 4815:2006,  AS 4187:2003 and AS 3551:2011, so you can be assured that your autoclave is correctly validated and performing to Australian Standards and the manufacturers specifications.


What areas can NES Group service?

We have engineers that service across Australia in all states and territories as well as in rural and remote areas in a professional and cost effective manner. 

Ask our team about our cost share program for rural and remote practices.


Can NES Group test, validate and service all brands of Autoclave?


NES Group's technicians are trained in the current Australian Standards AS 4815:2006,  AS 4187:2014 and AS 3551:2012, so you can be assured that your autoclave is correctly validated and performing to Australian Standards and the manufacturers specifications regardless or brand or size.

We can carry out an autoclave validation on all brands including but not limited to:

Innovo Puraclav, Melag, W&H Lisa, Sirona, Mocom, Midmark, Cominox, Euronda, Eschmann, Atherton, Systec, Tuttnauer, Getinge, Celitron and more.

We can validate any brand on the market.


What types of facilities does NES Group Service?

Medical Centres and General Practices, Specialist Clinics,Dental Surgeries, Orthodontists, Hospitals, Day Surgeries, Nail Salons, Day Spas, Cosmetic Clinics, Tattoo Parlours, Food Preparation Facilities, Laboratories of all types. 


Bundle your Autoclave Validation with other Medical Equipment Calibrations done at the same time and benefit from:

- Extra cost savings

- Save time and eliminate the need to deal with multiple companies

- Eliminate confusion around due dates

- Eliminate multiple equipment registers

- Minimise disruption to your facility

- Expert knowledge from a team that is committed to helping you

- Minimal or no travel costs


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