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Luxo G2 Carelite

Carelite LED utilises energy-efficient LED light sources and provides full dimmability for a variety of applications as a bed head luminaire and in cosmetology settings.  An integrated ergonomic handle enables the user to easily direct light where needed.  The on/off and dimming switch is conveniently positioned near the handle making operation easy for a variety of users. 

Integrated night light
Carelite LED is equipped with a night light providing low lighting for user orientation.

Exact positioning
Carelite LED has a covered spring-balanced arm for easy cleaning and safe and easy positioning.  The flexibility and precision of the spring-balanced arm means Carelite LED can be positioned exactly where the light is required.  The lightsources are positioned well inside the lamp head eliminating unwanted glare.  This is particularly important in multi-bed medical facilities, as it allows one patient to use their light on without disturbing others nearby.

All-metal construction
Carelite LED is made of powder-coated aluminium and steel.  It can be cleaned with any detergent, including acetone.

Protected by SteriTouch®
Carelite LED is coated with SteriTouch® antimicrobial powder coating to protect the product against degradation. 

LED – lightsource of the future
Light emitting diodes are not only small and robust. Carelite’s LEDs are extremely energy efficient, and have an incredible life span of 50,000 hours or more.  The powerful LED module has an excellent light output giving approximately 2000 lux at 24" working distance.

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