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Gooseneck Examination Light - Luxiflex PRO

$499 $599

Features and Benefits:

Commonly found in all types of consulting room including very popular with GP and Gynea rooms

- Maintenance free and very low heat emission 

- Long life span of 50,000 hours, over 15 years of normal use

- Slim light head that produces a clear cut round light focus area that is adjustable in size 

- Available in wall, trolley and table mounts offering a variety of mounting options and applications 

- Flexible gooseneck arm with over all length of 1260mm from base to the end of the light head providing excellent reach

- Bright white light approx 50,000 lux 

- 4500K Colour temperature for a bright uniform white light 


- 1 Year warranty

- 14 day money back guarantee* (must be returned in original packaging in new condition)

Nes Group Medical Import and Distribute the Luxiflex range in Australia and NZ



The Gooseneck Luxiflex PRO is designed especially for demanding viewing conditions that require exceptionally good light such as medical examination and minor procedures. It has widespread applications throughout the health sector it is very popular with gynaecologists, medical centers and specialist consulting rooms in Australia and worldwide.



This fitting can be installed by a licensed electrician or by one of our own NES Group Medical technicians. If there is a power socket present the light can be mounted by screwing the base to a secure wall or surface and powered by plugging it into the power socket.

Get FREE shipping as well as parts and labour warranty for all orders that include installation. 

Ask our team for an installation quote.

Approved medical Device:

Please note you should always ensure that you only purchase and use certified and TGA registed medical lights and equipment, all the products we sell are TGA registered for use in Australian medical practices. This is a legal requirement.

Shipping and Availability:

In stock and delivered within five working days to all capital cities up to seven working days for regional areas. In a case where we are out of stock we will notify you immediately to confirm lead time.

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